We wait for you on S. VALENTINE'S DAY
to let you spend a very romantic dinner

Dear friends, vino e camino changes its timetables:
MONDAY we will be open for dinner only,
from TUESDAY to SATURDAY we'll wait for you at lunch and dinner,
SUNDAY we're closed.

Vino e Camino - Rome
Vino e Camino is placed in one of the most fascinating area of the historical town centre, in piazza dell’Oro, facing the magnificent via Giulia and the 16th century jewel S.Giovanni dei Fiorentini church, which was projected by Michelangelo.
It is next to S.Pietro and Castel S.Angelo, corso Vittorio and piazza Navona.
The restaurant is situated in what once upon a time where the duty rooms of the building then transformed in commercial activities ( a butcher, a second hand dealer, . . . ). The charm of the restaurant is due also to the traces left by the past activities and to the architecture of the rooms which have brick arches and cross vaults. Instead of the fireplace in Rome there is a magnificent wood oven, covered with polychrome Vietri tiles.


  Vino e Camino - Piazza dell'Oro, 6 Rome - +39 06 68301332 roma@vinoecamino.it