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Vino e Camino - About us
Cristina and Massimo Baroni and Paola Ricciardelli after many different work experiences have chosen the restaurant as their main activity.
The chef, Cristina, once was the creative head of a stained glass workshop. However her major passion has always been cooking since she was a kid and watched her grandmother cooking for the family. She has attended many cooking stages with famous chefs and since 1995 her dream has come true : she has her own restaurant where she expresses her idea of cooking.
Massimo, Cristina’s brother, started very young as head of Alemagna, an important catering and party company, where he learnt how to manage a restaurant. Then he ran a building contractor ( his major passion is architecture), and finally in 1995 joined Cristina in the Vino e Camino restaurant.
Paola Ricciardelli, Massimo’s wife and mother of their 4 kids, literature studies and polyglot, has worked for RAI, Italian broadcasting TV, for over 15 years before joining Massimo and Cristina in the restaurant. She is the public relation woman, as she loves dealing with people. She makes also beautiful and creative flower decoration for weddings and parties.

  Vino e Camino - Piazza dell'Oro, 6 Rome - +39 06 68301332 roma@vinoecamino.it